US Foods event at Aria

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AV For You proudly provided Audio, Video and Lighting for a company Awards Show for U.S. Foods at Aria in Downtown Minneapolis.

For Audio we used two of our JBL VRX Line Array Speakers and four of our QSC K10s to distribute even sound throughout the venue. We also set up our Shure podium microphones on our frosted podium.

For video we rear projected two Eiki 7kHD projectors onto two of our Draper 6.75×12 fastfold screens. We also rear projected another Eiki 7kHD onto our Dalite 8×14 fastfold screen center of the stage. We were able to do a split screen show using our powerful new Analog Way Nextage08 video switcher. We provided a 40″ confidence monitor as well, to be seen by those speaking from the stage.

For lighting we set up 18 of our ADJ Flat Par LED lights in the catwalk to shine down onto the venue creating ambience for the event. We also set up 5 ETC Source 4s to provide light on the stage as well as spotlights for the VIP section and a window from which awards were to be presented. We placed two Elation Powerspot Moving Head Lights on 5′ truss towers on each side of the stage. This was for Bally light sequences during the awards show.

At the tech table we had the Behringer X32 Digital Mixer, along with our Shure QLXD4 and UHF-R Wireless Mic Racks. We had the Analog Way Nextage08 Video Switcher, Delvcam 4K Ultra HD Monitor and Playback Pro. We also had our ETC Element Lighting Console for advanced lighting control over LEDs and Movers.

AV For You rental picAv For You rental pic


2017 Minnesota Tobacco Control Conference

AV For You rental pic

AV For You provided Audio, Video and Lighting for the 2017 Minnesota Tobacco Control Conference at the St. Paul RiverCentre.

The Minnesota Tobacco Control Conference is a annual meeting where participants come together to learn about current tobacco control and prevention issues and also collaborate on how to sustain and improve their efforts to lower tobacco related health inequities.

For Audio we provided 8 of our Db Technologies DVA T4 Line Array speakers and two Sumner Eventer 16 Stage Lifts. We were able to raise our speakers high rigging 4 speakers to each of our Stage Lifts. We also provided 4 of our JBL VRX Line Array Speakers on stands to provide a center fill and even sound coverage to the wide ballroom area. We also provided our Audio-Technica Podium Microphones on top of our Frosted Podium.

For Video we rear projector our Barco 12kHD Projectors onto our Screen Works 9′ x 16′ Truss Style Folding Screens. We also provided a 55″ monitor as a confidence monitor for those speaking from the stage.

For Lighting we provided 12 of our ETC Source 4 Lights spread among 2 15′ Truss Towers. 10 of the lights we’re used to provide a stage wash for the conference and IMAG (live camera feed) on screen. We also used 4 of our new ETC Par 64 Lights as backlights to provide even lighting coverage to those on camera. We also provided 10 of our ADJ Flat Par LED Uplights to add color to 30′ of grey drape we set up as a backdrop behind the stage.

At the tech table we provided multiple wireless mic racks networked and wired to transmit through our RF Venue D-Fin Attenna. We used the Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer for Audio. We used our ETC Smartfade Lighting Console to control Lights. Finally we used 2 of our Playback Pro Laptops for Video Rolls, and an Analog Way Quickvu Video Switcher for simple video switching.

AV For You rental pic

AV For You rental pic

AV For You rental pic

Lighting at TPC Twin Cities

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AV For You provided lighting for an event held at Tournament Players Club in Blaine, MN.

Eight of our ETC S4 lights with custom star GOBOs were projected onto the ceiling. Schedule 40 pipe and our crank stands were used to get the proper height for lighting. Throughout the room 16 ADJ Flat Par uplights were placed and set to blue.

Pic AV For You rental

Pic AV For You rental

IDS Center Event


We provided audio and uplighting for an event at the IDS Center. Our Line Array speakers, wireless mic, and our battery powered ADJ uplights, set to blue, were used. Black pipe and drape was also used.




Open Arms at MEC

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Our 75″ TV, JBL Line Array speakers, QSC K10 speakers were used for a Open Arms event at the Minneapolis Event Center. Also used was ADJ uplights set to white and our ETC S4s for a Palm tree Gobo.


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Red Dress MN at Loews Hotel



We provided all AV for a Minnesota’s Red Dress Collection event at Loews Hotel. Four truss towers were used and set with ETC S4s to light the stage. Uplights were used throughout the room and set to red along the walls and white to highlight the backdrop behind the stage. One of our 16×9 screens was used along with black pipe and drape. For audio we used our Line Array speakers and two Line Array subs.



Date For Life 2016


We had the pleasure of providing all AV for Date For Life at Aria this week. We rigged our DVA Line Array speakers and one 9×16 screen. Our ETC S4 lights were used to light the stage and for some custom GOBO projection. Along the walls we used our uplights set to red. Also included was a follow spot.





2015 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame


We provided all AV for the 2015 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame held at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis. Our new 8×14 screens were used along with our line array speakers/subs, frosted podium, black/grey pipe and drape, 7k projectors, Panasonic HD camera, spider pod, Behringer X32 mixer, Analog Way video switcher, and over 25 ADJ uplights set around the room.


MN Chamber Of Commerce ‘Women In Business’ 2015


We recently had a set up with the MN Chamber of Commerce for their Women in Business event held at Hotel 340 in downtown St. Paul. For this event we got to use our brand new White Spandex drape which can be molded into different shapes. We lit it up with 10 of ADJ uplights. We also used two of our 55′ flat screen LCD TVs on two 13′ truss towers. At the back of the room we mounted two ETC S4 lights to a 15′ truss tower to light the stage and frosted podium.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

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We provided all AV for a Big Brothers Big Sisters of MN event held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis. On this set up we used all 8 of our Line Array speakers and 2 subs. Both our 9×16 Truss Style screens were used as well along with our Behringer X32 mixing board, 6 5′ truss towers with Elation Power Spot 250s on each, frosted podium, choir mics, 27 ADJ uplights, and a 30ft color wall.