Blue Line Ball


AV For You set up audio, video and lighting for the Blue Line Ball at the St. Paul River Center.

For Audio we provided eight of our JBL VRX Line Array Speakers on stands. We also stacked our VRX on our Global Truss Medium Duty Crank Tripod Stands, which allowed us to raise the speakers higher while allowing for more stability. We also provided our Audio-Technica podium microphone at the podium.

For Video we rear projected our Eiki 7KHD projectors onto our two Dalite 8’x14′ fastfold screens. We set our two projectors onto two 8′ truss towers behind the stage.

For Lighting we provided 6 of our ETC Source 4 lights for a stage wash. We used two ETC Source 4 Pars for backlighting. We also Provided one Source 4 for a gobo projection on the truss tor behind the stage to project onto the back wall. Along with this we set up 6 American DJ Flat Par lights the project onto the Black Drape we set up behind the stage. We also provided 20 Battery Powered Uplights around the room set to blue for decor.

At the tech table we have our Shure QLXD4 Wireless Distro Rack with our Behringer X32 Producer Mixer for audio. We also had our Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher for simple switching and a playback pro laptop for Video Rolls. We were also controlling our lighting using a ETC Smartfade Lighting Console.



2017 Community Impact Awards

AV For You rental pic

AV For You set up audio, video, and lighting for the Community Impact Awards held by Tiger Oak Media at Aria in Downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we set up 4 JBL VRX Line Array speakers on stands. We had our Audio Technica podium mics on top of our frosted podium as well.

For video we rear projected a 7kHD projector onto a Screen Works 9’x16′ truss style folding screen. We also provided a 40″ confidence monitor and speaker timer for presenters to view the program from while on stage.

For lighting we provided 3 ETC Source 4 lights. 2 were used for a stage wash and 1 was for a band spotlight. We provided 3 more source 4 light for gobos to be projected above the stage. We used our ETC EDLT Lens, which provided an extra sharp high definition image for gobo projection.

At the tech table we had our X32 Producer Digital Mixer for audio, DSAN Pro-2000 controller for the speaker timer, ETC Smartfade Lighting Console to control the stage lights, and the Analog Way Nextage08 for video switching. We also provided our Playback Pro for video rolls and our Delvcam 4K Ultra HD Monitor for use as a preview monitor for video.

AV For You rental pic

AV For You rental pic

MN United FC Kit Reveal Event

AV For You rental pic

AV For You set up Audio, Lighting and Staging for the Minnesota United FC Kit Reveal Event at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis.

For audio we provided our X32 Producer Digital Mixer and Shure QLXD4 Wireless Mic rack. We also helped set up sound for local Hip Hop DJ Lazerbeak, providing a line into the soundsystem and two of our QSC K10 powered speakers as stage monitors.

For Lighting we set up 8 ETC Source 4 lights for a stage wash. We also provided another Source 4 light for the MNUFC Gobo on the curtain back drop. We used our 2 Chauvet Geyser RGB Foggers to create a dramatic reveal of the kits (the new team uniforms). The foggers were set up on each side of the stage behind the drop curtain, creating a haze around the players when the kits were displayed to the crowd.

For staging we set up a large 24″ high stage using all 18 of our 4’x4′ stage decks. We attached our two 24″ stage steps with railing to allow for people to get on and off the stage with ease. Also we set up 9 of our Grey Velour Drape panels, utilizing 2 for the drop curtain. We also set up two Black Velour Panels in the break room area to section off an area for media interviews after the event.

AV For You rental pic
AV For You rental pic
AV For You rental pic

Health Foundations Every Woman Can Event

pic Av For You rental

AV For You provided Audio, Staging and Lighting for Health Foundations Every Woman Can Event, a fundraiser and concert held at Aria in Downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we provided the main sound system which was used for a musical performance by national act the Indigo Girls. The sound system used 12 of our dB technologies DVA T4 speakers making up a total of 16 speakers which were rigged from the catwalk at the venue. We also provided two of our QSC K10 speakers as front fill and two more K10 speakers for preshow music in the lobby area.
We set up a large amount of staging, using 18 of our 4×4 stage decks with 24″ legs to help create a stage big enough for two musical acts. We provided three panels of our black pipe and drape to create a hidden corner for the guitar tech equipment. Also the drape created an area from which the talent could walk onstage.
We set up a large amount of lighting as well, using 14 of our ETC Source 4 lights for a bright and well saturated stage wash. We also used 2 of our Source 4 lights for gobos. One was the Every Woman Can gobo above the stage and the other was for Health Foundations on the center of the adjacent wall. We also provided our ETC smartfade lighting console to control the stage wash from the front of house.
Pic AV For You rental

Lighting at TPC Twin Cities

Pic AV For You rental

AV For You provided lighting for an event held at Tournament Players Club in Blaine, MN.

Eight of our ETC S4 lights with custom star GOBOs were projected onto the ceiling. Schedule 40 pipe and our crank stands were used to get the proper height for lighting. Throughout the room 16 ADJ Flat Par uplights were placed and set to blue.

Pic AV For You rental

Pic AV For You rental

St. Louis Park Double Tree Wedding with Gobo and Uplights

Picture of a Gobo lighting effect in which a wedding couple's name is displayed on a wall

AV for You provides a variety of equipment for weddings across the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including the St. Louis Park Double Tree, Park Ballroom. Using a Gobo light to project the wedding couple’s name is a memorable lighting effect that our clients enjoy.

Picture of a wedding head table with AV for You uplights to illuminate the pipe and drape behind the tableOur wedding clients also enjoy the use of uplights. These versatile lights can be used to illuminate pipe and drape, making for a dramatic head table backdrop or to provide a splash of accent color throughout the hall.

2016 Relentless Reinvention at the Hyatt Regency

AV for You provided lighting and audio-visual support to enhance the 2016 Relentless Reinvention experience at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency. We used a gobo light, that allowed for a custom event logo, and two fog machines to provide a dramatic event entrance.

Gobo light, geyser fog machines

For additional lighting effects, we set-up 40 battery powered uplights and four additional gobos. We also set eight speakers throughout the hall for light music and event announcements.

2016 Relentless Reinvention, AV for You, Rental, lighting effects, gobo lights, uplights, audio, speakers.

In addition, we provided audio-visual support for multiple booths in the exhibit hall. This included 16 Monitors of various sizes including, 24″, 32″, 40″, 46″, and 55″ as well as five powered speakers, and 3 Bluray players.

Picture of booth, featuring AV for You monitor and AV for You Gobo Lighting


Wedding at Marriott NW


40 of our battery powered uplights, set to purple, were used for a wedding the Marriott NorthWest. Also used was a custom GOBO with one of our ETC S4 lights rigged from a airwall hanger.



Open Arms at MEC

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Our 75″ TV, JBL Line Array speakers, QSC K10 speakers were used for a Open Arms event at the Minneapolis Event Center. Also used was ADJ uplights set to white and our ETC S4s for a Palm tree Gobo.


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2016 Community Impact Awards


We proudly provided all AV for the 2016 Community Impact Awards. This event was put on by Minnesota Business Magazine and held at Aria in downtown Minneapolis. Our 16’x9′ screen was used along with our black drape, frosted podium, line array subs and speakers, confidence monitor, and a speaker timer. Customized GOBOs were projected throughout the room with our ETC S4 lights. Uplights were placed throughout the room as well.