Tiger Oak Media at Pinstripes Edina

Picture of AV for You set for Tiger Oak Media at Pinstripes Edina

AV for You provided sound and video for Tiger Oak Media at Pinstripes in Edina

Video was projected on a 5.75×10 screen with an NEC 4,000 lumen LCD projector with a 40” TV used as a confidence monitor.

For audio we used QSC K10 speakers with Shure QLX wireless microphones controlled with a Behringer X32.

Our frosted podium and grey pipe and drape completed the look of the stage.

Fantastic Sam’s at Marriott NW

Picture of AV for You set up for Fantastic Sam’s at Marriott NW

AV for You provided audio, video and lighting for Fantastic Sam’s Stylist Event at the Marriott Northwest in Brooklyn Park, MN.

For audio we used dB Technologies DVA T4 Line Array Speakers. We raised six speakers using our Sumner Eventer 16 Lifts and we set the other two on top of four JBL VRX Subs using our DVA Cradles. We also set up QSC K10 powered speakers as stage monitors for the band. We provided drum, guitar, and vocal mics as well.

For video we rigged Eiki 7KHD Projectors along the airwall track to be used in conjunction with the house projector screens. We used our Decimator SDI-HDMI Cross Converters to distribute HD video signal to each projector.

For lighting we rigged Chauvet Ovation E910FC lights to the air wall track for a stage wash. We also provided a colorful backdrop using our American DJ Flat Par Uplights on our grey velour drape behind the stage.

At the tech table we used our Behringer X32 mixer with our Shure QLXD4 Wireless Microphone Distro Rack to provide advanced sound control and quality to the mix of the band onstage. We also used our Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher and a Qlab Laptop for seamless switching and video playback. We had our ETC Smartfade lighting console set up for control of the stage wash and uplighting color behind the stage.

Coloplast at Aria

Picture of AV for You set up for Coloplast at Aria

AV for You set up audio, video and lighting for the Coloplast Home Office Hero Awards at Aria in Downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we set up JBL VRX line array speakers on stands. We also provided Audio Technica podium microphones on top of our frosted podium.

For video we rear projected an Eiki 7KHD Projector onto our Draper 9×16 Screen, set to a high height allowing speakers to stand in front of the screen during the event.

For lighting we used ETC Source Four lights for a wash. We also provided battery powered uplights on our grey drape set up on the sides of the screen.

At the tech table we used our Behringer X32 mixer for audio and our Shure QLXD4 wireless microphone distro for reliable and clear audio during the presentation. We used our Analog Way QuickVu video switcher for simple video switching and an ETC Smartfade lighting console to control the brightness of the stage wash.

Loaves and Fishes Gala Fundraiser

Picture of AV for You set up for Loaves and Fishes Gala Fundraiser Picture of AV for You set up for Loaves and Fishes Gala Fundraiser

AV for You provided audio and video support for Loaves and Fishes for A Warehouse Affair, a fundraiser held in their warehouse.

Video was shown on a 6.75’x12’ screen with an Eiki HDT700 projector using rear projection and controlled with an Analog Way QuickVu scaler/switcher. A 60” Vizio monitor was set up towards the back of the space to provide an auxiliary screen for tables that did not have a clear view of the main screen.

Audio was heard through QSC K10 powered speakers and Shure wireless microphones.

We brought in our Staging Dimensions stage decks and grey pipe and drape to complete the look of a proper gala fundraiser in the warehouse.

TCBM Hall of Fame 2016


We provided audio and lighting for Twin Cities Business Magazine annual Hall of Fame awards. This years event was held at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Minneapolis. Four Line Array speakers, two Mackie 450s, 80′ of black pipe and drape, 30′ of grey pipe and drape, eight ETC S4s for stage wash and GOBOs, and our frosted podium.



2016 Theatre Latte Da Gala

IMG_1107 (2)

We provided all AV for Theatre Latte Da’s annual gala “It Might As Well Be Spring”. Our 5.75×10 screen, Line Array tops, frosted podium, Grey drape, ETC S4s were used along with our 7K Hd projector and two of our 75″ TVs. This event was held at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley, MN.

IMG_1105 (2)


North Hennepin Community College Event 2016


We once again provided all AV for a North Hennepin Community College event held at the Edinburgh Golf Course. Two 75″ TVs, Line array speakers, grey drape, blue uplighting, ETC S4s on truss towers for stage and band lighting, and our frosted podium were used.



2015 Chamber Honors

FullSizeRender (4)

We provided all video for the annual Chamber Honors held at Abulae in downtown St. Paul. We used two of our 6×8 screens, 5k projectors, grey pipe & drape, 10 battery powered uplights, two frosted podiums, and a ETC S4 on a 8′ stick of Schedule 40 pipe for a GOBO.


Author Event at Golden Valley Country Club


A couple weeks ago we provided all AV for an Authors event at the Golden Valley Country Club. We used three 6×8 screens with projectors, four line array speakers, eighteen uplights, and grey drape between the screens.

Jigsaw Unlimited


We recently did a set-up for Jigsaw Unlimited at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. We used 7K HD projectors rigged to ceiling along with grey drape and line array speakers. 6 k10s as floor monitors and a full band microphone setup.

IMG_1173 (1)IMG_1170 (1)