Gopher Football at the Hilton Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You at Gopher Football at the Hilton Minneapolis

AV for You set up audio, video and lighting for the University of Minnesota’s Gopher Football Banquet at the Hilton in Downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we provided our dB Technologies DVA T4 line array speakers. We used Sumner 16 Eventer Stage Lifts to fly 8 boxes and set 4 onstage as center fills using our dB Technologies DVA DSA 4 stand adapters. We also set up JBL VRX line array speakers on the sides of the room using our Global Truss ST132 tripod crank stands to get them high in the air. JBL VRX subwoofers provided extra low end in the large ballroom creating more dramatic and dynamic sound for video and music cues. Audio Technica podium mics, along with two Shure Flexi-Mic podium mics were spread among three podiums on stage. QSC K10 speakers were placed on stage as floor monitors for the presenters.

For video we rear projected Eiki 7KHD Projectors onto Screen Works 9×16 truss screens. We also provided two Vizio 60 Inch monitors as confidence monitors for the speakers. Decimator HDMI-SDI cross converters distributed high quality video signal to all the projectors and monitors.

For lighting we rigged ETC Source 4 lights along 15′ truss towers in the back of the room for a long even stage wash. We also provided three of our Source 4 Pars as back lights for the speakers on stage. We set up 20 of our EchoCUBE Battery Powered Uplights to illuminate the large muslin backdrop we set up behind the stage with the football team’s gold color.

At the tech table we used the Behringer X32 digital mixer for audio. We also set up our Shure QLXD4 wireless microphone distro rack and our Shure UHF-R wireless microphone rack for dependable and clear wireless audio. For video we used our Analog Way QuickVu video switcher and a Qlab laptop for video playback. For lighting we had our ETC Smartfade Lighting Console to provide control over the stage wash and backlighting. We also used our ClearComm Wireless Com to allow the techs on the show to communicate to each other during the program.

2015 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame


We provided all AV for the 2015 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame held at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis. Our new 8×14 screens were used along with our line array speakers/subs, frosted podium, black/grey pipe and drape, 7k projectors, Panasonic HD camera, spider pod, Behringer X32 mixer, Analog Way video switcher, and over 25 ADJ uplights set around the room.


2014 U of M Gopher Football Banquet


AV For You once again provided all audio, video, and lighting for the annual U of M Gopher Football Banquet at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis. For this set up we got to use our new 9×16 screens, white muslin backdrop, black drape, line array speakers, frosted podium,  and 3 15′ truss towers with 4 ETC S4 lights each to light the stage.




2014 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame


AV For You once again provided the AV for this years Minnesota Business Hall of Fame. This time around we used our brand new 9×16 screens along with six of our 55″ flat screen LCD TVs, custom Hall Of Fame GOBO, frosted podium, black pipe and drape, ADJ Flat Par uplights, Zoom LEDs, Line array speakers and subs, and our 24ch PreSonus mixer. The event was held at the Hilton in Downtown Minneapolis.




GOBO lighting at Hilton DoubleTree in St. Louis Park

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Here’s some GOBO lighting and uplighting we provided for a event at the Hilton DoubleTree in St. Louis Park, MN.

2013 U of M Golden Gopher Football Banquet

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AV For You was proud to take part in the 2013 U of M Golden Gopher Fottball Banquet at the Downtown Hilton in Minneapolis. This was a huge event for us. We used a good majority of our equipment. Two of our 10.5×14 screens were used along with our 6500 Lumen projectors, 80’x20′ White muslin drape, Crank towers, 35′ of truss, 70′ of Black pipe and drape, Line array speakers and subs, 150′ audio snake, Barco 200 video switcher, 24 Channel Presonus soundboard, ETC S4s for stage lighting, ADJ uplights, Panasonic camera and spider pod, and our Frosted podium.

AV at Minnesota Business Hall of Fame

photoAV for You was proud to handle the Audio Visual for this year’s

Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

event again.
This important event gets the full treatment of large 10.5×14 screens, line array sound system, front line and backline lighting, decor lighting, IMAG (Image Magnification) and our unique 50′ x 30′ piece of white muslin backdrop.

Uplighting at theMinneapolis Hilton with gobo projections

AV for You led by lighting designer Andrew Nygaard did extensive uplighting with gobo projections at the Hilton Minneapolis with dramatic results. Please call to speak with Andrew to discuss the lighting for you next wedding or event. 952-500-8839

Gobo on the dance floor with uplighting

Hilton Bloomington wedding with light blue uplighting and a gobo on the dance floor.

AV for You does extensive decor and  up-lighting for weddings and events. Please call us for a quote today. AV for You 952-500-8839

50′ x 20′ White Muslin backdrop rental Minneapolis- AV for You


We recently purchased a 50′ x 20′ piece of white muslin to be used as a back drop. We also have the truss and crank towers to get this amazing piece of fabric in the air. Uplight this makes for a stunning backdrop and is great for gobo projection as you can see in the above photos. This was a setup in the Hilton Downtown Minneapolis

Feel free to call AV for You to discuss rental of a setup like this and go over your options. We are online at or 952-500-8839 renting audio, video, lighting and staging equipment to Minneapolis, Saint Paul and greater Minnesota.