2016 U of M Gopher Football Banquet

Pic AV For You rental

AV For You was honored to set audio, video and lighting for the Minnesota Gopher’s annual Football Banquet and Senior Awards Banquet. The event was held in the Minneapolis Ballroom of the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we set up 12 of our DVA T4 Line Array Speakers rigging 6 boxes each from our two Sumner Eventer 16 Stage Lifts. We provided four of our VRX JBL Line Array Speaker and our 4 JBL VRX Subwoofers along the center of the room to provide better coverage and extra clarity to the Audience middle of the room. We set up three QSC K10s along the stage as monitors for speakers and players onstage. We also set up our Audio Technica gooseneck mics on our frosted podium.

For video we rear projected our two Barco 12k projectors onto our 16×9 Screen Works fastfold screens. We also have two 60″ confidence monitors along the large stage to provide ample view of the program to those presenting and receiving awards.

For lighting we provided 13 of our ETC source 4 Lights spread across three 15′ truss towers. We used an extra three source 4 lights for backlight, providing better light balance to the live camera for those on stage. We also provided 20 uplights to add color to the 60 ft. of White Muslin we ran behind the stage.

At the tech table we set up our Analog Way QuickVu video switcher for seamless transitions between PowerPoint and Camera, our Playback Pro and Show laptops for graphics and video roll, our full-size Behringer X32 digital mixer and Shure QLXD4 and UHF-R wireless mic racks for audio and our ETC smartfade for light control.

Pic AV For You rental

Pic AV For You rental

Pic Av For You rental

Pic AV For You rental

2016 NARI MN COTY Awards

Pic AV For You rental

AV For You provided video, audio, and lighting for the 2016 NARI Minnesota COTY (Contractors of the Year) Awards held at International Market Square in Minneapolis, MN.

Our 8×14 screen was rigged from the second level just above the stage and front projected with our Eiki 7k HD projector.

For audio we had six JBL VRX Line Array speakers spread equally on the main floor for proper sound. Our frosted podium was set center stage with our Audio Technica podium mics.

For lighting we used 25 battery powered uplights set to blue spread throughout the main floor and second floor. Our ETC Source 4s were set on the second floor to light to the stage. For the photo op area our Lowell Light kit was used.

Pic AV For You Rental

Pic AV For You rental

Pic AV For You rental


2016 VEAP Gala

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AV For You was happy to provide audio, video and lighting for the VEAP Gala at Hyatt Regency Bloomington.

For audio we provided eight DVA T4 Line Array Speakers split among our two sumner eventer 16 stage lifts. We set up for a five piece jazz band using our drum mic kit, 2 sm57s for horns and a direct boxes for keyboard. We set two of our JBL VRX Line Array Speakers on the stage as a center speaker fill. Also at the frosted podium we used our Audio Technica gooseneck microphones.

For video we front projected our Eiki 7KHD onto our Dalite 8×14 Fastfold screens. We also provided our Panasonic HD Camera for IMAG, which allows the audience a better view of what’s happening on stage.

For lighting we provided eight ETC Source 4 lights for a stage wash and two ETC source 4s to provide a backlight at the podium to provide extra definition for the camera.

At the tech table we have our full size X32 digital mixer, QLXD4 Wireless Mic Distro Rack, Smartfade Lighting console, Quickvu Video Switcher for switching between the main presentation and camera.

Pic AV For You rental

Pic AV For You rental


Pain Free Patriots

FullSizeRender (10)We had the honor of providing AV for Pain Free Patriots 22nd Gala held at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in downtown Minneapolis. We set up 5 JBL Line Array tops, 8 uplights, and 24 feet of grey drape. We are also used our Behringer X32 compact, QLX wireless mic distro, and our Quick Vu video switcher.


Oak Marsh Golf Course


We set up a 11′ truss tower with three ETC S4 lights for an event at the Oak Marsh Golf Course in Oakdale, MN.


Magnolia and Vine Bloom Conference


We proudly provided all AV for Magnolia and Vine’s Bloom Conference held at the Radisson Blu MOA. Two 6.75×12 screens, 20 Feet of Color Wall, six Moving Headlights, 27 Uplights, two 7K HD projectors, eight DVA T4 on two Sumner Eventer 16 lifts, 12 ETC Source 4 for stage wash, 40″ confidence monitor and and two 90″ monitors for TelePrompter.


Wedding at Marriott NW


40 of our battery powered uplights, set to purple, were used for a wedding the Marriott NorthWest. Also used was a custom GOBO with one of our ETC S4 lights rigged from a airwall hanger.



2016 Lupus Food, Wine, and Brew Classic at The Great Hall in St. Paul


16×9 screen with 7K HD projector set up for rear projection. 2 EtC S4s on truss in upper balcony for stage wash. 6 JBL VRX Line Array Speakers on stands for audio.



Minnehaha Academy


Minnehaha Academy held a fundraiser last weekend at their high school campus. Four JBL Line Array speakers, wireless handhelds, and three choir mics were used for audio along with six ETC S4s for stage wash and sixteen uplights for the backdrop.

The Link 25th Anniversay


The Link had their 25th Anniversary celebration at Aria this past month. For the set up we used our 8×14 screen, 7K HD projector, black drape, four JBL Line Array speakers, three ETC S4s for stage wash, and our truss podium.