Screen and Projector at Machine Shop Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You Screen and Projector at Machine Shop Minneapolis

AV for You provided video and audio support for the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors at Machine Shop in Minneapolis.

Our Eiki HDT700 projector was set behind a Draper 5.75’x10’ screen for rear projection and controlled by an Analog Way QuickVu video input switcher.

A Mackie audio mixer and Shure wireless microphones were connected to the in house speaker system for the sound.

Our Global Truss podium was set on our Staging Dimensions stage decks to provide a platform for the day’s presenters.

Open Arms Moveable Feast


AV For You set up audio, video and lighting for the Open Arms Movable Feast Event at Machine Shop in Northeast Minneapolis.

For Video we front projected our Eiki 7KHD Projector onto our Draper 5.75×10 fastfold screen which we rigged from the railing on the second floor of the venue. We achieved our projection using our 5.7-8.0 lens from a 5′ truss tower in the back of the room on the second floor.

For Lighting we provided 6 of our ETC Source 4 lights for a stage wash. We set these up on two 5′ truss towers projecting from the back of the room on the second floor.

At the tech table we have our Shure UHF-R Wireless Rack with our Behringer X32 Compact Mixer for audio. We also had our Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher for simple switching and a playback pro laptop for Video Rolls. We were also controlling our lighting using a ETC Smartfade Lighting Console.


Styled For Good at Machine Shop

av for rental pic

AV For You set up Video and Staging for Styled for Good, a Wedding showcase, fashion show and ceremony at Machine Shop in Minneapolis, MN.

For Staging we provided two of our Heavy Duty Crank Up towers with 28′ of Truss line attached to the top. From this Truss line we attached “Kabuki Curtain” mechanisms and two of our ultra velour grey drape. This allowed us to create a drop effect to reveal an alter and pastor at which the ceremony would take place.

For Video we rigged our Eiki 7KHD projector from a truss line in the center of the venue and projected onto our grey drape. We also set up a playback laptop, our powerpoint laptop and our Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher for switching between videos and logos of the vendors involved in the fashion show.

av for you rental pic
av for you rental pic