AV For You provided audio, video, staging for a event at Polaris in Wyoming, MN.

For audio our JBL VRX Line Array speakers, QSC K10 speakers, two wireless mics, and our Mackie DFX6 mixer were set.

For staging we built a 8’x8′ stage on 24″ legs and set a truss podium.

For video two of our 8′ tripod screens, NEC 3K projectors, and decimators were used.


Minnesota Boat Club


AV For You provided audio and video for a event at Minnesota Boat Club in St. Paul.

For audio, two QSC K10 speakers were set along with a wireless mic, Shure 4 Channel mixer, and a LTI block for laptop audio.

For video we set our 8′ tripod screen and NEC 3K HD projector.

Grinnell College at Aria


AV For You provided audio and video for a Grinnell College event held at Aria in downtown Minneapolis.

For audio four of our QSC K8 speakers were set along with a wireless handheld mic, Mackie 1202 mixer, and a truss podium.

For video we set up our 8×14 screen to front projection. Also used was one of our NEC 4K HD projectors.


E Creative Event at Hilton Minneapolis

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AV For You provided audio, video, staging, and lighting for a E Creative event held at Hilton Minneapolis.

For audio two of our JBL VRX line array tops, Behringer X32 Producer, wireless lav, wireless handhelds, digital audio snake, Podium mics, and LTI block for laptop audio were used.

For video two of our 7.5×10 screens, 4K HD projectors, and decimators were set.

For lighting our ETC S4 lights were used for stage wash and our battery powered uplights behind the stage. Our Smartfade 1248 was used for lighting control.

For staging we set our grey drape behind the stage.


Styled For Good at Machine Shop

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AV For You set up Video and Staging for Styled for Good, a Wedding showcase, fashion show and ceremony at Machine Shop in Minneapolis, MN.

For Staging we provided two of our Heavy Duty Crank Up towers with 28′ of Truss line attached to the top. From this Truss line we attached “Kabuki Curtain” mechanisms and two of our ultra velour grey drape. This allowed us to create a drop effect to reveal an alter and pastor at which the ceremony would take place.

For Video we rigged our Eiki 7KHD projector from a truss line in the center of the venue and projected onto our grey drape. We also set up a playback laptop, our powerpoint laptop and our Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher for switching between videos and logos of the vendors involved in the fashion show.

av for you rental pic
av for you rental pic

Augsburg College Event

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AV For You provided video and staging for a event held at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.

For video two of our 8×14 screens were set for rear projection. Two of our Eiki 7K HD projectors were set behind the screen on 8′ truss towers. Also used were decimators to carry the video signal.

For staging black pipe and drape was set behind the stage and on either side of the screens.

8×24 Screen

rental pic AV For you

AV For You now has two new 8×24 screens available for rental. Call for more info!

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2016 U of M Gopher Football Banquet

Pic AV For You rental

AV For You was honored to set audio, video and lighting for the Minnesota Gopher’s annual Football Banquet and Senior Awards Banquet. The event was held in the Minneapolis Ballroom of the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we set up 12 of our DVA T4 Line Array Speakers rigging 6 boxes each from our two Sumner Eventer 16 Stage Lifts. We provided four of our VRX JBL Line Array Speaker and our 4 JBL VRX Subwoofers along the center of the room to provide better coverage and extra clarity to the Audience middle of the room. We set up three QSC K10s along the stage as monitors for speakers and players onstage. We also set up our Audio Technica gooseneck mics on our frosted podium.

For video we rear projected our two Barco 12k projectors onto our 16×9 Screen Works fastfold screens. We also have two 60″ confidence monitors along the large stage to provide ample view of the program to those presenting and receiving awards.

For lighting we provided 13 of our ETC source 4 Lights spread across three 15′ truss towers. We used an extra three source 4 lights for backlight, providing better light balance to the live camera for those on stage. We also provided 20 uplights to add color to the 60 ft. of White Muslin we ran behind the stage.

At the tech table we set up our Analog Way QuickVu video switcher for seamless transitions between PowerPoint and Camera, our Playback Pro and Show laptops for graphics and video roll, our full-size Behringer X32 digital mixer and Shure QLXD4 and UHF-R wireless mic racks for audio and our ETC smartfade for light control.

Pic AV For You rental

Pic AV For You rental

Pic Av For You rental

Pic AV For You rental

2016 Lupus Food, Wine, and Brew Classic at The Great Hall in St. Paul


16×9 screen with 7K HD projector set up for rear projection. 2 EtC S4s on truss in upper balcony for stage wash. 6 JBL VRX Line Array Speakers on stands for audio.



Christ Lutheran Church event


We set up one of our new 8’x14′ screens at Christ Lutheran Church for a small event. In this particular set up we didn’t use the entire dress kit, which includes drape hanging from both sides of the screen, but just the bottom skirt. For projection we used one of our 7K HD projectors.